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The Epistle of James

James 1:1
Introduction, December 6,

James 1:1-4
Trials, Faith, Endurance, Joy, and the Glory of God, December 13,

James 1:2-12
Trials, Faith, Endurance, Joy, Wisdon, Humility, and the Crown of Life, December 27,

James 1:12-16
From Where Do Temptations Come? Part 1, March 14,
From Where Do Temptations Come? Part 2, March 21,

James 1:17-25
In the Exercise of HIs Will He Brought Us Forth, March 28,
In Humility Receive the Word Implanted, April 18,

James 1:19-25
Humbly Receiving the Word Implanted Unto Obedience, April 25,

James 1:26-27
Pire and Undefiled Religion, May 2,

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