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Sunday Sermons


The Prophecy of Joel


The Epistle of 2 Peter

The Specificity of the Atonement, a study


I Will Build My Church, a series



A Living Hope Through the

April 12, 2020



A Child Will Be Born to Us, The Wonder of the Incarnation,
December 22, 2019, Pastor



Sunday Sermons: Malachi


Heros of the Faith


Godly Resolve, September 29, 2019, Elder


Psalm 101, September 22, 2019, Elder


Test the Spirits, September 15, 2019, Deacon


Beware of False Prophets, September 8, 2019, Deacon


Jesus: Prophet, Priest, and King, September 1, 2019, Bro.

Testing for Christian Hospitality, August 18, 2019, Bro.  

Preach the Word, July 28, 2019, Guest Pastor Chaise

Abiding in the Truth, July 7, 2019, Bro.

We Walk In The Truth, June 9, 2019, Bro.


Sunday Sermons: The Epistle of 1 Peter


The Risen Christ Testifies of God's Satisfaction in the Suffering of His Son, April 21,

God's Holiness in the Gospel, March 31, 2019, Bro.

The Heart of Christianity-The Biblical Gospel and the Future of the Church

A Savior is Born. The Miracle of the Incarnation, the Glory of God, and Perfect Peace: December 23,

God of All Comfort, November 25, 2018, Bro.
Living Upon the Truth, October 7, 2018, Bro.

The Excellency of the New Covenant, September 16, 2018, Bro. Kris


You Did Not Choose me, But I Chose You, September 9, 2018, Bro. Vern

Hearing with a Prepared Heart, August 12, 2018, Bro. Jeff


The Kingdom of God: August 5, 2018, Jerry

Chrisitan Separation: June 10, 2018, Bro. Andy


Sunday Sermons: In the Beginning, a Series, Jan-April 2018

The Risen Christ Testifies of God's Satisfaction in the Suffering of His Son, April 1,

The Importance of Elders and Deacons in the Church of Jesus Christ: January 14,


Why the Incarnation Matters, The Wonder of the Birth of Jesus: December 24,

Sunday Sermons: The Book of Ruth


The Christian Unity Crisis: June 12, 2016

Six Gifts of the Resurrection: March 27, 2016

The Rise of Molech, Abortion and the Conscience of a Nation, a Series: January 2016

The Word Was Made Flesh-Marveling at the Truth about Jesus: December 20, 2015

Why the Incarnation Matters: December 13, 2015 

Sermons on: Human Sexuality and the Sovereignty of God: July/August 2015

I Have Seen the Lord! The Testimony of the Resurrection: April 5, 2015

Report from the 2015 Ligonier Conference: March 1, 2015

The God of All Comfort: February 15, 2015

Sermons on: "The Protestant Reformation": Jan./Feb. 2015

Why the Incarnation Matters, The Christmas Message: 2014

Enemies in the Church: November 11, 2014

Easter Sunday Sermon: "Christ has Risen and You Are Not Still in Your Sins!: 2014

Sermons on: "That Which Pleases God": Jan./Feb. 2014

Sermons on: Suffering and the Supremacy of Christ: Jan./Feb. 2013

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